I’m Caroline, a multi-passionate creative business owner + business coach for creative women.

I am obsessed with helping other women live their dream life, follow their passions & gain clarity!

My name is Caroline Towers & I am a multi-passionate business owner, coach & brand building expert. I am dedicated to helping other women say hello to building an online brand which allows them independence, joy & wealth.

I believe you can create the life and business of your dreams, on your terms. All you need are the proper tools and resources to get you there and fast. That’s where I come in.

I love to work with people who have thousands of creative ideas, plenty of unfinished projects & a big dream. They find when it comes to moving forward & getting the work done they get stuck, every single time.

They feel overwhelmed & intimidated by the gap between where they are & where they want to be. They see other women killing it online & wonder how these women are growing their brands while they’re not.

Does this sound familiar?

I get it!

No one ever tells you how long & wild this business journey will be. I remember when I got my very first freelance client how my life changed. I had been fed up with the 9-5 & went to uni to study Creative Writing & English Literature. I thought if I could do something I was passionate about for 3 years in my whole life then that was enough.

It’s sad to think then, I had no idea I could follow my passions & live a life of my dreams. After 3 years & multiple clients later I didn’t need to go to back to the 9-5 & I’ve made sure every day of my life since that I still don’t.

There’s been twists & turns, great ideas & ones which didn’t do so well. I’ve discovered a passion for blogging (duh, my degree is in writing) but I also love social marketing, brand building & all the behind the scenes efforts it takes to build a business.

Today, I run & own two businesses. The first is The Content Edit, a place where I can help creative women follow their passions. The second is a clothing company, Voltage Sport, which I own with my boyfriend. These businesses are my passions, a place to connect people & do what I love with people I love!

I can travel whenever I want, all I need is wi-fi & my laptop. More than that, I am thankful for the life I am living now. I look back to the girl who hated her job & cried on a Sunday night before having to head into the office & thank her for being able to make a change in her life which set me off in this incredible journey!

I want to help as many women as possible fuel their own passions, be creative, dream big & achieve their goals!


You deserve your own freedom.

I am dedicated to helping you achieve your next level of success within your life and business. Together we will build the foundation for your brand and create a strategy to begin to scale your business, income and impact.

Your big ideas will finally begin to flourish. It starts with you.

1:1 Coaching


What’s included:

Business Systems & recommendations for any adjustments to your current business system
Brands mission statement
Goal planning & implementing
Social strategy
Growth goals
Ideal client clarity
Brand clarity & getting clear on your brand messaging
Audience Demographics
Editorial calendar & designing your perfect schedule
Batching & automating
Email sequence
Brands aesthetic & imagery
Marketing strategy


Limited spots are available for 2019. Please complete the application below and if you’re a perfect fit for this program, a member of our team will email you with your next steps! If you are not a perfect fit for this program we will help find the best option for your growth and success!



“Caroline is friendly, professional and committed to making things run exactly the way they should.”