By Caroline Towers

Email marketing is still an important part of your marketing when you are building a business. There are so many places you can connect with your audience but email is still one of the best!

Why email?

When you build an email list, this is yours. If social media went away tomorrow you wouldn’t have any of the details of all those followers and potential customers. With an email list, you own it and you have direct access into your potential customer’s inbox!

An email address is personal to someone so when they give you their email address it’s because they have connected with you and your business in some way. It might be because they love a freebie you’re offering them or they want to be the first to know about your latest product launch.

Whatever their reason for giving you their email address it’s because they feel connected and want to hear more from you!

How to use email

I used to always recommend Mailchimp and if you are starting out in business and want to keep your email marketing simple then I would still start here as it’s free. Sign up, create a list and then create some opt-in forms for people to leave their email address. If you have a freebie you can add this to your welcome email in a link to your download.

However, if you’re like me and you’ve moved forward to be a little bit more advanced with your email marketing and want to have different opt-ins, funnels and automation sequences then I would recommend Flodesk.

Flodesk is relatively new on the market but having used it for a few months I love it. I’ve tried a few different companies and they’ve either been too complicated for my needs or haven’t allowed me to make my emails look good!

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Flodesk is straightforward to set up and I’ve easily created sign-up forms for different aspects of my business along with different automation funnels depending on what people do when they sign up.

The emails in Flodesk look good too with ready-made templates, including some designed by one of my online mentors, Jenna Kutcher.

The other thing I love about Flodesk is the cost doesn’t go up once you hit a certain number of subscribers (which is what happens on many others including Mailchimp).

You can access 50% off Flodesk here (affiliate link) and see your email marketing soar!


Caroline Towers is a blogger, blogging educator & multi-passionate business owner.  She is the founder of The Content Edit.  In her spare time she loves to travel, go to the movies, watch sport & drink prosecco!


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