By Caroline Towers

Are you getting ready for the most wonderful time of the year? The festive season is upon us & as a content creator, it’s time to make the most of the incredible Christmas content you can be creating.

At this time of year, people are looking for inspiration, whether it’s for presents, activities, style or something else with a festive theme. As a content creator, you can help!

 Christmas Content

There are lots of places you can create your Christmas content. My favourites are Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube &/or your blog.

Keep your feed festive – Once the season hits, people love to engage in Christmas posts so add some onto your Instagram. If you’re a business, now is the time to share any products which make great gifts too. No matter what content you create you can make the use of the Christmas decorations which are up in every shop & town to help keep your feed varied but still festive.

Christmas content – Share lots of Christmas content which is relevant to your audience. Some of the most popular blog posts or videos are gift guides. People love to gain inspiration & if you can put some affiliate links or links to your products these can also help boost your income.

Christmas challenges – Doing challenges up to Christmas can also be fun, blogmas where you write a blog post every day up to Christmas or vlogmas it’s video equivalent can be lots of fun but they are a commitment so be warned.

Evergreen posts – Creating Christmas inspired blog posts or videos such as recipes, style guides, places to visit or being healthy over the holiday period are posts you can reshare each year. Think about the type of content your audience might be looking for to help them during the festive period & give them more!

This Christmas period can be lots of fun as it gives you a chance to get creative with your content. What Christmas content do you intend to create? Comment below!


Caroline Towers is a blogger, blogging educator & multi-passionate business owner.  She is the founder of The Content Edit.  In her spare time she loves to travel, go to the movies, watch sport & drink prosecco!


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