By Caroline Towers

Getting more rest as a content creator, blogger and business owner can seem like an impossible task. There is always another blog post to write, an Instagram post to share or a Twitter comment to reply to!

There are ways to allow yourself to rest from constantly creating content and spend time with your family, take a holiday or spend all day watching Netflix completely guilt-free!


Here are 3 actions you can take which will allow you to take more rests. You need to be more organised and still do the work. Try it and see how good it feels!

Plan Your Social Media

If you like to post to your social media on a daily basis, plan it in advance. This can be challenging at first but once you get the hang of it, there is something freeing about knowing all your posts for the next week, fortnight or even month are ready to go. You no longer have to sit and think about what you’re going to post each day which gives you some time back! Start small with planning for a week on one platform and build from there. Facebook allows you to schedule on the platform itself, for Twitter I would recommend Buffer and Instagram I’d recommend Buffer or Planoly. Now Instagram allows auto-posting you can have everything automated or if you still prefer to post on Instagram manually you log in when it suits you and share the days post. You will be amazed how spending an hour or two planning it out can save you so much time and give you more time to rest.

Batch Create

Much like your social media posts creating your blog posts or YouTube videos in batches saves you time. I would recommend creating drafts, editing and scheduling over a day or two but depending how often you post you can have your blog posts and videos created for a few weeks or months in a short period of time. By knowing everything is ready and scheduled you can focus on other aspects of your brand and allow yourself some rest.

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Get Content Out and About

If you are out of the house (or even at home) use this time to capture content. Take photos when you are doing things which you can use at a later date. Although you might be “resting” a quick photo or two won’t have too much impact. The important thing is to take the photo and then put your phone away so you can enjoy the moment and recharge your mind and your body.

A little bit of organisation and planning your workload in bulk can really have a big impact on your brand and content creating life. It will allow you time to focus when you need to and take time off when you want to. It takes some getting used to but it is worth it when you can have a genuine rest from your brand!


Caroline Towers is a blogger, blogging educator & multi-passionate business owner.  She is the founder of The Content Edit.  In her spare time she loves to travel, go to the movies, watch sport & drink prosecco!