By Caroline Towers

If you’ve been running your blog or business for a while you will have started to create your own online brand. You’ve picked your niche, begun to build your audience and be sharing something you are passionate about.

What then happens if you want to change your niche, either to narrow it down further or change it completely? How to do you switch, should you or do you need to start again?


For me, if you want to make a change and “pivot”, this is ok. After all, it’s your brand, your pride and joy and you’re the person who is creating content around your subject on lots of different platforms.

The one thing I always remind bloggers and small business owners when they are struggling with the decision of making a change – It is something you need to think over and not do on just a whim. I always say it’s your brand, if you want to change the direction then you can.

Remember you are in control.

You don’t need to ask permission of your followers, you don’t even need to tell people if you don’t want. You can gradually incorporate your new topics. Or you could do a complete rebrand and make a big deal about it.

I pivoted my own blog to ultimately end up here with The Content Edit. To begin with, I transitioned my lifestyle blog to tips about blogging and content creation. I also began to slowly move my social media content to reflect the change. After a number of months, I then decided to rebrand to The Content Edit and had a launch for the new site and new name!

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It can be a hard decision to make, to change topics but there are lots of people who are very successful who have reinvented their brand and continued to be successful.

Evolution is a natural part of life. So if you feel like you’re ready to pivot, then go for it!


Caroline Towers is a blogger, blogging educator & multi-passionate business owner.  She is the founder of The Content Edit.  In her spare time she loves to travel, go to the movies, watch sport & drink prosecco!