Hey there,

I’m Caroline, a multi-passionate business owner, content creator, online educator & creator of The Content Edit. I love to travel the world, celebrate my clients with a glass of fizz & help them grow their own brands beyond their wildest dreams. Alongside The Content Edit, I run 2 e-commerce brands, blog & create content across multiple platforms.

What, you’ve built multiple busineses online? How is that possible?

It’s true, I have been asked this question so many times since I first began working in the online space around 2010. Before then I had worked in the corporate world but I knew I was destined for more.

I wanted to do something which I loved & my journey really began when I started my degree in Creative Writing & English Literature after working for a number of years. I decided I was going to live at least 3 years of my life doing something I loved.

To pay for my degree I worked a number of freelance jobs – This was it, I was hooked on working for myself. Since then I have never looked back & have consistently grown my businesses online, with a few pivots along the way!

Today my life is so different & I am so thankful I took the leap of following my heart. Being creative & business focused has lead me to where I am today.

It’s time for you to take the step, to follow your heart & grow your own brand so you can live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

It’s your turn to follow your passions and be proud to be a multi-passionate business owner!

I’ve got your back. Are you ready to get started?

follow your curiosity

Use your experiences to build your business(es)


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