By Caroline Towers

August has been a strange month, there’s been lots of UK travel (blog post coming soon), lots of birthday celebrations for both myself & my boyfriend Keil & a lack of routine as amongst the travel we’ve still been coming to terms with bereavement. Plus Keil was off work due to a broken bone so I never fully got into any routine.

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There were still some good things which I enjoyed so I’m sharing my top 5 favourite things for August here!

Peaky Blinders – This is something I’ve been wanting to watch for ages & with a new series beginning, it felt like the perfect time to binge-watch on the previous episodes! I’d heard good things but I have to say I loved it even more than I expected. There are some wonderful acting performances, great storylines & it’s gripping – I stayed up a bit too late on some nights watching “one more” episode!


Mindhunter – Staying on the TV theme, I watched the second season of Mindhunter which is on Netflix. The first season was one of the first things I watched when I signed up to Netflix and the second season was excellent as well. There were some very intense moments and although it’s not action-packed, much more of a character-led show, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how the modern-day FBI techniques were formed as this is the true story it is based on.

Once Up a Time in Hollywood – I’d been looking forward to this film for what felt like forever. Once I heard Quentin Tarantino was making a film starring Brad Pitt & Leo DiCaprio, I was all in! The film lived up to my expectations as well. It’s not a film which is action-packed all the way through but I thought there was something beautiful about exploring the shift of old Hollywood. The details in the film were incredible as you’d expect from QT. It’s a film I can’t wait to watch again!

Ads for Success Podcast – Over at my other business, Voltage Sport, I’ve been testing Facebook ads to help us grow. To do, this I’ve been working with Amanda Perry, who runs an ads agency. She’s launched a podcast focused on e-commerce businesses which I’ve enjoyed listening to. The podcast features interviews with people who have built successful e-commerce brands & also solo episodes with some ads tips in. I am currently working on adding a shop here at The Content Edit (stay tuned) so this is helpful for both businesses right now!

Lumee Phone Case – After 1 dropped phone & a smashed screen repair I was in desperate need of a new phone case. I’ve seen the Lumme cases for years, ever since Kim Kardashian had the Lumme light for her selfies. I decided to give it a go as although I had a selfie light, I’d often forget to take it with me. I must admit the case is a bit bulkier than I like, fingers cross it will protect my phone if it gets dropped but it’s ideal for those evening photos. I think moving into the winter months, I’ll get a lot of use for it on those darks days & nights!

What have you loved in August? I’d love to know!


Caroline Towers is a blogger, blogging educator & multi-passionate business owner.  She is the founder of The Content Edit.  In her spare time she loves to travel, go to the movies, watch sport & drink prosecco!


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