By Caroline Towers
No matter if you have recently started a blog or have been blogging for or a while there are always you can improve your blog and the experience for your readers.  It’s one of the things I get asked on a regular basis – how can I improve my posts? Today I’m sharing 3 quick and simple ways you can easily improve your blog.

Check for Mistakes

Mistakes happen to the best bloggers.  To prevent spelling and grammar errors using a free tool like Grammarly can really help to reduce the mistakes you make.  If you have someone who you trust who is happy to read over your posts this can also be useful in making sure your blog post makes sense.

Also, check links are working and take your readers to the correct place.

Add a Picture

Adding nice photos to your blog posts make it much more appealing to the eye when someone is deciding to read your post.  Where possible, use the photo to enhance the storytelling experience. It’s also helpful to add a pinnacle image which you can add to Pinterest. We like to use images with the title of the blog post like the one below. In the long-term, if you add these onto Pinterest they can help to increase traffic to your site.

Keep to the Point

Although you might feel like you have a lot to say on a subject, it’s a sad fact of the times that people have short attention spans – Especially online.  Keep your blog posts short and you’re readers are more likely to stick around.  Google likes a post with at least 300 words but often 500-800 is ideal.  Experiment with what your readers life. If you find your posts are longer you could also create a 2-part series. This way it gives you more content to share in the future.

With these 3 simple steps, you can easily make improvements to your blog posts.

Caroline Towers is a blogger, blogging educator & multi-passionate business owner.  She the founder of The Content Edit.  In her spare time she loves to travel, go to the movies, watch sport & drink prosecco!